Summaries of specialist texts in the earth sciences and related fields

As texts in the earth sciences often rely on written descriptions of very complex processes, it is important to have good translations that present data and their analysis in the clearest way possible. Having studied and worked in the industry in the UK and Poland, I have a good understanding of the technical terms and concepts, and can offer accurate and clear summaries of such specialist texts.

You can learn more about my education and experience here. If you would like a quote or have any questions, please contact me by email at lp.etalsnartoeg|kuz.t#lp.etalsnartoeg|kuz.t or call +48 511 532 337.

Tomasz Żuk Geology translator
ul. Królowej Korony Polskiej 24/302
70-486 Szczecin, Poland REGON: 810205985